Campaigns are initiated by our members votes.  Any campaign is about bringing change through action.  Campaigns are always in line with our aims regarding food production, environmental protection and connecting with the Great British public.

Land Army to replace Seasonal Workers

The Farmers Union is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people all over the world. We hold this issue close to our hearts, working day in and day out to find ways to improve the cause of workers. The Farmers Union aims to maintain balance within the labor system, and will keep pushing until the right deal is reached.


Buy from your local businesses

The Farmers Union is proud to launch an online facility that enables the general public to connect with local farms and rural food businesses in their region to easily purchase fresh meat, eggs, fresh fruit and veg and a variety of dairy produce.  Home cooked rustic meals are also able to be sourced.  Easily ordered for delivery or collection


Rural Security 

With the ever increasing rise in rural crime our Farmers are more vulnerable than ever. 
Over 10 million people live in rural areas and are affected by rising crime rates ever year. Rural crime costs and thefts from rural homes, businesses and farms currently stands at £44.5m, an increase of 13.4% and the highest year-on-year rise since 2010.
Our Police simply don’t have the resources to tackle rural crime on its own. As with everything our Great British Farmers can help. TFU have a dedicated Rural crime partnership with ex police officers who are mobilizing dedicated regional patrols across the country to provide an active resource for our Farmers.

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